Welcome to the Bodge-it WikiEdit

Bodge IT and scarper.

If you can't do it right. Bodge it.

But first, try to do it right!

Idiomatic ITEdit

Basically there are loads of things in IT which are either the same problem, or slight variations on cases.

Hence this is a partly a project to capture as many of those that apply to my circumstances as possible.

log a message to the system log
log a message to the console
open a file and loop the contents
retrieve a web page
write out a blob to a file
splitting strings to arrays
joining arrays to strings
step debug each line

Transparency, accountability, and seeing wtf is going on Edit

typically this involves being able to launch some application under a debugger, or in some instrumented fashion


Configuration management is a key tool to provide transparancy and accountability;


Source Code ManagementEdit


Java Application ServersEdit

JVM Options


@todo make notes on getting a heap/thread dump

what is the over head to run with 9009 or some debugging port?

WTF? Edit

So basically most tutorials go through the different options explaining how they can be used

This is meant to turn things around and provide solutions to some common scenarios

rewritingURLs Linux specific tools




Potential Blog Posts

this is a section to capture some outlines on blog posts that I am thinking about

Successful open source

Where is the value?

Disaster RecoveryEdit


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