yum/rpm Edit

To see a list of the files in some remote package use;

  1. repoquery -ql gstreamer

To see what objects it provides use...; ???

extract a single file

--provides list capabilities that this package provides

 --requires                       list capabilities required by package(s)
 --conflicts                      list capabilities this package conflicts
 --whatrequires                   query/verify the package(s) which require a
 --whatprovides                   query/verify the package(s) which provide a
 --fileprovide                    list file names with provides
 --filerequire                    list file names with requires

yum with chef.

RPM Edit

inspect a file from a package; rpm2cpio logrotate-1.0-1.i386.rpm |cpio -ivd etc/logrotate.conf

verify what files have been altered since installation; rpm -V packagename

some notes on the options, and how they are structued

Specfiles Edit

Details of the specfile;

Comments — Human-readable notes ignored by RPM. Tags — Define data. Scripts — Contain commands to be executed at specific times. Macros — A method of executing multiple commands easily. The %files list — A list of files to be included in the package. Directives — Used in the %files list to direct RPM to handle certain files in a specific way. Conditionals — Permit operating system- or architecture-specific preprocessing of the spec file.